Our Leadership

All ISHCMC teachers are certified for teaching the International Baccalaureate PYP/MYP/DP curriculums, and many continue to develop their IB knowledge to better serve as trainers for others.

At ISHCMC we recruit educators who have proven track records at their previous schools and know how to energize, engage and empower students both in and outside the classroom.

Across both our Primary and Secondary campuses, our teachers are well qualified, have an average of 11 years experience and originate from more than 30 countries around the world. Many of our educators have advanced degrees and all of our educators are committed to ongoing professional growth and development.

Every teacher at ISHCMC cares about their students and builds positive relationships with each child to ensure they reach their full potential.

Meet our Leaderships

Kim Green

Head of School

Kim's leadership and education philosophy is grounded in the concepts of collective efficacy and learner agency. Wellbeing (body, mind and soul) and learning must be at the core of our culture so that we can inspire, nurture, foster and build collective efficacy and learner agency. Decision making, structures and programs that are inspired through holistic [...]

Tosca Killoran

Deputy Head of School

Tosca is committed to collaboratively building strong organizational cultures with purpose. As a twenty year veteran educator, she excels in designing dynamic learning experiences for all ages. Having taught and led in several international schools Tosca has developed the disposition needed to thrive under conditions that require agility and innovative thinking when faced with uncertainty, [...]

Kate Grant

Primary Principal

Qualifications Trained Teachers Certificate, Wellington Teacher’s College Bachelor of Education, Victoria University Wellington College of Education   Experience Primary Principal, International School Paris, France (3 years) Deputy Head of Primary and PYP Coordinator, NIST International School, Thailand (8 years) Deputy Head of Elementary and PYP Coordinator, Grade 2 and Grade 5 Homeroom teacher, IS Dhaka, [...]

Caleb Archer

Secondary School Principal

Caleb has over 10 years of experience leading multi-cultural leadership teams from start-ups to mature campuses across a range of curriculums. For Caleb, a good education requires an inclusive culture and should be holistic. It should also incorporate values, 21C skills, technology, service, and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Qualifications Masters In Educational Leadership, [...]

Creating a Culture of Achievement


Energy emerges from students who are flourishing, physically and mentally healthy, and who are aligned with their inner selves.


Students are encouraged to uncover their learning in a collaborative, constructive environment in which they deepen their understanding and create new perspectives.


ISHCMC’s Culture of Achievement encourages students to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to take control of their learning and their lives.