College & University Counseling

Preparing students for every aspect of their college and university life.

For all of our students here at ISHCMC, they will need to consider what’s next for them when they leave our school and consider what is the best career path for them. Whether this is accessing higher education at university level or going straight into work we want to best prepare them for a successful future. With an ethos of educating students to become lifelong learners and active responsible citizens, we give students the right tools for their next step.

Our University/Careers Counseling program runs from grades 9 – 12 and is structured and specifically designed to help our students succeed in their personal path forward. Through intentional reflection and research, each student plans their future goals with the support of our counselors.

Our Program

The University/Careers Counseling Team utilizes Maia Learning within our curriculum as an important tool to assist when identifying and searching for program and university options. Our specialized guidance is delivered through individual student meetings, group sessions, workshops, and visits from college representatives.

We help students and families navigate the research and application process and stay on track, assisting students in selecting their best-fit program or university. Whether this is helping students complete self-assessments, inventories, evaluating options, or compiling letters of recommendation and transcripts. We do all we can to help students access the next steps toward their further education or future goals.  

Applying to a college or university is as much about self-discovery as it is about selecting where to study. Developing an understanding of yourself, your goals and future aspirations are key elements when selecting your path forward. Ensuring students have the necessary skills to self-reflect, assess themselves, and research skills when choosing their next steps are essential and something we strive to instill in all students.

The counseling offices have an open-door policy where we encourage students to visit and receive support no matter what their needs might be. Students and their parents can contact the counseling team by email or telephone to set up appointments or ask for support if necessary. Students can also meet for drop-in sessions when they are available should they need assistance or guidance throughout the school day.

For College Admission Representatives

Welcome to the International School Ho Chi Minh City Counseling Department! Thank you for your interest in the graduates from our school. In a typical year, we welcome some 200 university representatives from around the world, with the majority of our visitors coming from Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

On most school days, we are able to accommodate visits either during our morning break ( 9.50am – 10.10am) or lunch break (12:10pm – 1:10pm). 

At ISHCMC, the visit slots will be shared with another visiting university if we have multiple requests to visit on the same day. We appreciate your willingness to be flexible!

To arrange to visit our school, please contact University Counselor, Tram Anh Do at

Another way to book a visit is booking through our offered slots on Maia Learning. You can log in to Maia Learning, find our school and check out the open slots. 

From Hanoi Highway, if coming from District 1, turn right onto Tran Nao and follow road around and underneath the Saigon Bridge to Quoc Huong. Turn left onto Xuan Thuy, follow Xuan Thuy to Nguyen Cu. Turn right onto Nguyen Cu (at Family Mart) and follow the road which curves around the left. The main entrance to the school is directly on your left side.

If coming from District 9 and Thu Duc turn right onto Thao Dien. Then turn left on to Xuan Thuy. Near the end of Xuan Thuy turn right to Nguyen Cu and follow the road, which curves around to the left. The main entrance to the school is directly on your left side.

If travelling from Nguyen Van Huong, turn left onto Nguyen Cu. The main entrance to the school is directly on your right side.

Parking is available onsite for motorbikes and bicycles only. Cars can drive through the Nguyen Cu Entrance for morning drop off only.

Please bring a photo ID other than your passport with you since you will be asked to exchange an ID card for a visitor’s pass at the security gate. The security office will contact the College Counseling department to let them know that you have arrived.

It is usually possible for university representatives to visit one or two other schools during the day, in addition to ISHCMC. We highly recommend you to contact our sister school ISHCMC American Academy to book a visit.

College Counseling Contacts

Ms. Kari Withers – University & Careers Counselor
Mr. Alex Hoyte – University & Careers Counselor
Ms. Tram Anh Do – University Counselor

Where Our Alumni Go

We’re proud of our internationally-minded community and their achievements.

students at ISHCMC transfer to many top universities in the world
University of Oxford
Seoul International University
The London School of Economics and Political Science
EHL Hospitality Business School
Brown University
University of Toronto
Australian National University
Cornell University
The University of Melbourne