The Arts

The Arts program at ISHCMC plays an important part in both our curriculum and student life. Our Arts program allows students to develop their creativity and follow their passions while also building their confidence and maturity in preparation for higher learning and a richer, fuller life. Primary and Secondary students have access to our dedicated facilities, which include a 350-seat theater, Black Box theaters, recording studio, music practice rooms and art studios.



ISHCMC Performing Arts Programme

The ISHCMC Performing Arts Academy program has been developed to provide quality, progressive and fun lessons for students to learn music. By basing instruction on the IB curriculum style, we ensure that students develop consistently over time. This provides the platform to introduce two exam syllabi, the ABRSM and RockSchool, whereby students are formally graded with internationally recognized qualifications which may assist with University entrance.

ISHCMC provides opportunities for students to perform either individually at informal performance venues, or in a group as part of an ensemble. Students are also encouraged to organize their own groups or ensembles, with the support of an instructor or teacher.