A Dedicated Health Centre

The first line of support and first aid during the School Day for our students, faculty and visitors to campus.

Optimal learning requires good physical & mental well being. The Wellness Centre provides individualized quality health care for students requiring immediate care. In addition, the Wellness Centre supports health education and promotes a healthy lifestyle for students, staff and families. Some of the core services of the Health Center are:

  • To provide immediate treatment for illness or injuries that occur during the school day.
  • To support our outdoor education department, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety on school trips.
  • To develop and implement emergency response plans for all children with moderate/ severe allergies and medical concerns
  • To act as a resource for staff, parents and students
  • To provide individual health counseling to service emotional and physical health needs and refer to appropriate professional community resources as needed
  • To evaluate and monitor communicable diseases
  • To conduct health related classroom instruction
  • To provide educational and promotional activities for healthy lifestyles of our students and staff
A view of the school health centre

Our Health and Wellness Centers on each campus are staffed by professionally trained and licensed medical personnel.

The Health and Wellness Centre serves the school by providing First Aid assistance for students requiring attention in the event of a minor injury while they are at school. Health records are maintained on all students and are kept in the Health and Wellness Center. If any student becomes unwell or injured while at school, the Health and Wellness Center staff will provide basic First Aid care to the student.

All teaching and classroom support staff hold a basic first aid qualification in the case of emergency and our campuses are supported by our onsite clinic and staff, wellness center manager, and a team of qualified nurses.

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