An Air Quality Approach

Providing a safe and healthy environment is an important aspect to our community’s wellbeing.

At ISHCMC we believe that all students need to have a safe and clean environment to learn and this includes air quality. We recognize the critical importance of exercise and outdoor play to the physical and mental wellbeing of our students. We are also aware of the need to balance this against the health concerns posed by airborne pollution present in Ho Chi Minh City.

At ISHCMC we have taken a dedicated and proactive approach to providing the cleanest and safest possible educational environment for our children, both inside and around the campus.

As one of the leading international schools in the region both campuses are fitted with state-of-the-art air filtration systems.

Inside the Classroom

Each classroom on the ISHCMC Primary Campus is fitted with an IQAir Cleanzone stand-alone high capacity, HyperHEPA air purifier system. The IQAir Cleanzone HyperHEPA air purifier system is able to filter out virus vectors and the primary pollutants of motor vehicles, refineries and industrial plants.

The ISHCMC Secondary Campus is fitted with a HEPA “H13” filtration system. This system is one of the highest tier medical grade filtration systems available and is fully integrated into the ducted air conditioning system throughout the campus.

For more information on these filtration systems click here.

Around the Campus

We actively monitor, 24 hours a day, the air quality at both our school campuses via two live IQ-Air monitors. Each campus has an air quality response standard which is overseen by the Health and Safety Lead.