Mission, Vision & Values

We inspire wellbeing and learning so that our diverse, internationally-minded community flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners.

The mission, vision and values at ISHCMC help us align our day-to-day efforts and maintain a common purpose.

Our Mission


We are a diverse community of different nationalities, cultural and educational backgrounds, race, ethnicity, geographies, socio-economic background, gender roles, age, sexual orientation, religion, political views, neuro- divergences and physical differences, co-curricular abilities etc.


We are internationally-minded and are taught to appreciate; value and respect all cultures; religions and languages. Students learn to see themselves as global citizens and are asked to look beyond: gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand human nature.


We are a community that share responsibility for one another, provide an environment for intellectual learning, and create a healthy social atmosphere where all the members of the community are supported. As a community we all have a social and emotional attachment to ISHCMC, we communicate honestly with each other, we celebrate with each other and support each other when times are challenging.


We flourish and find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level—in essence, living the “good life”

Our Vision

To enable our students to thrive
in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Core Values

Our values underpin our vision of enriching the lives of children to achieve more than they believe they can. They are our building blocks for our culture of CARE and enable our diverse, internationally-minded community to flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners.


Curiosity is self-motivation, self-efficiency and the continuous pursuit, discovery and eventual understanding of the unknown.


Achievement encompasses a wide range of academic and character skills and competencies that ensures we are successful in our futures.


Resilience is being self-aware and confident so that we can overcome setbacks and achieve the things that are important to us. Resilience enables us to stay motivated, achieve goals and live a happy life.


Empathy is recognizing the humanity in each person that we have contact with and treating everyone with respect. Empathy enables us to understand each other better, work together more cohesively and build collective efficacy.

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