Technology, when used appropriately, provides opportunities to support, engage, enhance and transform student learning.

At ISHCMC we use technology in all areas of the education process. Our teachers integrate technology into the curriculum whenever it is useful and adds value in the classroom. Students use a broad range of devices and applications such as the Google Education Suit to collaborate, communicate and create.

All students in our Early Years and Primary Programs have access to iPads in the classroom. From Grade 3 upwards ISHCMC has a one-to-one Technology program in which every student is issued a school-provided device. We have a one-to-one iPad program in Grades 3 and 4 and a one-to-one laptop program from Grade 5 through Grade 12.

In addition to our one-to-one programs, we also provide students access to a mixture of other device types. By providing this diversity of choice, we empower our students to use their critical thinking skills when choosing the type of device to use for a particular task.

We also recognize that technology is a major factor in student’s lives outside of the school environment. As such we educate and prepare students for their “digital life” by incorporating the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Program into our curriculum. The Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Program is run from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 and provides a framework that empowers our students to be competent, informed and responsible users of information technology. It also encourages them to be positive and respectful contributors to the digital landscape as creators and not merely consumers.

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