Happiness & Wellbeing

Enhancing the personal growth, resilience and wellbeing of our individual students and of our school community.

At ISHCMC, wellbeing means being able to manage life situations in a balanced manner – relying on or reaching out to others and cooperating in harmony to feel safe and valued in the community.

Wellbeing at ISHCMC is the balance of 4 main areas: Personal, Relational, Mental & Physical – allowing us to support our community positively in all areas of life.

Positive Emotions

The right balance of acceptance and happiness to boost our resilience.


A sense of connection to something greater than ourselves through respects and valued relationships that allow for equity.


Regular development of our strengths and mindful practice – those things we are encouraged to do and recognised for doing.


The belief and the confidence to do the things that give us purpose and promote resilience.


The creation of safe and authentic, energized connections through clear communication and a caring environment.


Eat well. Move well. Sleep well.

Be Well Charter

Wellbeing is the foundation of a Cognita Education and is integral to our overall purpose of ‘Providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed’. The Cognita Be Well Charter defines wellbeing and highlights six key contributors to wellbeing. One of our Be Well initiatives is Global Be Well Day (GBWD), an annual event when our schools collapse the curriculum for one day to focus entirely on wellbeing, with activities and events that involve the entire school community of students, parents and employees.

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is a big part of who we are at ISHCMC and we are proud to host mindfulness lessons for students, teachers and parents through our long-standing mindfulness program. Initially introduced in 2013, students at ISHCMC practice mindfulness every day. Mindfulness practice is led either by an advisory teacher, a group of students or our ‘masters of mindfulness’.

The activities that underpin the mindfulness program vary from meditation to mindful drawing. Classes are also on offer to parents – ranging from weekly mini-meditation workshops to an eight-week mindfulness program which introduces participants to the fundamentals of the practice of mindfulness.

The positive mental health of our students is an utmost priority within the ISHCMC family community, and our mindfulness program helps us to sustain a supportive learning environment.


Across our campus fresh fruit is provided to all students, teachers and support staff on a daily basis. The curriculum includes the teaching and learning of healthy eating and nutrition.

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