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Participants at the Youth Ascendancy Model United Nations 2022, hosted by ISHCMC.

Learn how two ISHCMC alums are promoting global citizenship and providing students with a forum to hone their skills in international diplomacy, through the Model United Nations.

[12-14th July 2022] This summer ISHCMC Secondary was proud to host the Youth Ascendancy Model United Nations (YASMUN), a non-governmental organization based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. YASMUN hosted the 3-day event simulating a United Nations (UN) conference, where participants role-played as delegates and represented the stance of their assigned countries on a host […] Read more
Pictured are three students studying

The IB Curriculum – How does it compare to the US, British, Australian, Korean, Japanese Curriculum?

The International Baccalaureate (IB School) – What is it? Why is it good for my child? If it’s so good, then why have I not heard about it before?  For many parents, whose school experience may seem like a distant memory, making a decision about your child’s education programme is rightly a daunting task. In […] Read more