Home-Based Learning

ISHCMC is committed to delivering an outstanding educational program for which every child is continuously energized, engaged and empowered – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Home-Based Learning arises during periods of major risk when our students are not able to access either of the school’s campuses. It transfers appropriate learning into an online mode of delivery that is completed in a home-based context and includes real-time and off-line engagements as appropriate.

Our Home-Based Learning program has been developed to ensure the continuous learning and growth of our learners, providing opportunities for learners to work independently and to develop their ability to self-direct their learning. It also provides our learners with opportunities to use tools and strategies and deeply develop skills in specific domains.

At a Glance

HBL - Grade 3

HBL - Math Class

HBL - Art Class


Home-Based Learning - Primary School 21/22.pdf

Home-Based Learning - Secondary School 21/22.pdf

A Focus on Wellbeing

Our Home-Based Learning program at ISHCMC is designed to allow learners to feel that they are progressing and achieving without feeling overwhelmed. We also understand that in challenging circumstances, such as the current global crisis, some students may need support. Just as on campus, our teachers, Learning Support Teams, Safeguarding Leads and School Counselling Teams are available to students and parents for wellbeing support.

Safely Returning to Campus

Whilst our preference will always be for learning to take place on campus, it is our responsibility as a community to ensure that we proactively and creatively prepare solutions in response to potential challenges and disruptions that may arise. The safety and wellbeing of our community is at the core of all our decisions and these decisions are guided by the principles outlined in our Blueprint for Learning.

ISHCMC Blueprint for Learning.pdf

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