Our Senior Leadership Team

At International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), we have a dedicated and professional faculty of teachers and administrators, gathered from all corners of the world, whose role is to help students become the best they can be in all aspects of their lives.

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Adrian Watts

Head of School

P.G.C.E., Loughborough University
B.A. Economics, History and Sociology, Durham University
M.A. Educational Management, Bath University (in progress)
COETAILS Masters, SUNY University (in progress)


  • Deputy Head and Director of Academic studies at New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok
  • 30 years IB experience.
  • Head of Secondary School and Deputy Director at International College of Spain in Madrid
“Having lived and worked internationally for over thirty years my philosophy of education has been strongly influenced by the different schools I have been fortunate to work in. I have learned that it is important for students to be educated and prepared for the challenges of the global society of the twenty-first century through a balanced approach that encompasses both academics and social and emotional student growth. Our fast changing world demands that students are critical thinkers and able to communicate, connect and collaborate effectively with others. Schools need to be producing students who are resilient and creative innovators who will become the entrepreneurs and employers for a sustainable world.”
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Douglas Balzer

Deputy Head of School



Bachelor of Education (Secondary Science), The University of Melbourne

Senior Executive Leadership Training Programme, Associate of Independent School, NSW


  • Assistant Head of Secondary, Administration and Operations at the Australian International School, Singapore (AIS)
  • Schools Daily Academic Operations Manager (AIS)
  • Head of Technology (AIS)
  • Over 18+ years of International Education experience

“After 25+ years in education, it has become obvious that a successful modern school has a unique obligation to not only instill the essential academic knowledge, cultural awareness and global mindset for students to develop, but also prepare them for the wider twenty-first century challenges they are yet to face. My overarching passion as an educator is in the development and guidance of well rounded, socially and emotionally balanced, young persons that are equipped with the academic skill sets, personal attributes and global awareness needed to achieve their dreams and meet their challenges. My hope is that my students not only engage in the wider global community but go on to thrive and be outstanding fervent moral leaders, well beyond the academics time they have spent at school and develop into the best versions of who they can be.”

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Phil Rogers

Secondary School Principal (Grades 6-12)

Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Canberra
B.Com. - Marketing, University of New South Wales
B.Sc. - Mathematics, University of New South Wales


  • HS Dean of Academics and IBDP Coordinator - International School Bangkok
  • Head of Secondary and IBDP Coordinator - Kampala International School Uganda
  • Director of Teaching and Learning and inaugural IBDP Coordinator - New Cairo British International School
  • Deputy Headmaster - Blackheath and Thornburgh College
  • Director of Studies - UWC Southern Africa
“Over almost 20 years in education it has become critically evident that each and every student needs to grow and be challenged to reach their own potential. The complexities of the current global context means that these young hearts and minds need to develop skills and concepts that will enable them to cope with the constant of change and to develop into our future leaders. Now it is more important than ever to develop emotional intelligence where resilience and intrinsic motivation enable creativity and critical thinking to develop whilst simultaneously ensuring that communication and collaboration are everyday events. Ultimately education is about preparing a young person to be happy, safe and have the ability to define success and their accomplishments through managing the wide range of challenges that they will face at school and in life beyond.”
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Brad Augustine

Secondary School Vice-Principal (Grades 6-12)

Ed.D. - Education Administration, Concordia University (in Progress)
M.A. - Educational Administration, Michigan State University
B.A. - English, Sonoma State University


  • 21 years in public, private, national and international schools in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States
  • Chairperson of English Department, International School Bangkok, Thailand
  • Chairperson of English Department, Carol Morgan School, Dominica Republic
  • Secondary Deputy Principal, British International School, Phuket, Thailand
“I believe in a simple approach to education: celebrate today’s successes and make honest, thoughtful, deliberate action steps to get better tomorrow. Key to that approach is looking at each situation with Carol Dweck’s “growth-mindset” model and emphasizing a positive, “can do” attitude, regardless of the challenge. Student and teacher collaboration is at the heart of creating a culture where people feel safe to take risks with their learning. My goal is to model this by working with students and teachers in classrooms as much as possible. In doing so, I find others see me as a teacher leader who wants to learn from them and with them."
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Jane Barrowcliff

Project Coordinator

M.A. Education with QTS Secondary English,
Durham University
B.A. (Hons) English Language & Linguistics,
Durham University


  • Leader of Learning Language & Literature, ISHCMC, Vietnam
  • Deputy Head of English, Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong
  • English Teacher and Citizenship Subject Leader, St. Leonard’s School, UK
  • IBDP Examiner English Literature and IBDP Extended Essay
“I believe that a balanced education embodies real world contexts and cultivates experiential learning which is creative, active, and reflective.

I believe that success occurs when expectations of learners are high, collaboration and trusting relationships are prioritized, and a supportive and safe learning environment is established.

I believe that education empowers young people to become principled and internationally minded citizens. Education grounded in inquiry fosters enjoyment of learning and a growth mindset which strengthens resilience in the face of challenge.”
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Simon Scoones

IB MYP Coordinator

M.A. in Environment, Development & Policy, Sussex University
P.G.C.E., Sussex University
B.A. (Hon) in Geography, Sussex University


  • MYP Coordinator/Head of Individuals & Societies, Antwerp International School
  • Head of Individuals & Societies, NIST International School, Bangkok
  • PGCE/’Fast Track’ tutor, Institute of Education/University College London
  • Education Project Manager, Worldaware NGO, UK
  • Head of Humanities, ISS International School, Singapore
  • Beacon Community College, Crowborough, UK
“Despite the profound changes to education (and the world) since I started my career 30 years ago, my priority has always been to be student-centred. For me, learning should be inclusive, active, challenging and fun. The learning environment at ISHCMC clearly fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation amongst colleagues and students to make this happen. I am really excited by the opportunities presented by the new secondary campus to take authentic inquiry-based learning for all of us to a new, higher level.“
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Teresa Foard

IB DP Coordinator

M.Ed., The University of Melbourne
B.Ed. - Arts, The University of Melbourne


  • IB DP Coordinator, Vientiane International School, Lao PDR
  • IB DP Asia Pacific Workshop Leader
  • IB CAS/MYP Action & Service Coordinator, Bonn International School, Germany
  • Curriculum Coordinator, ACG, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Head of Humanities, North Westminster Community School, London, UK
  • Humanities Curriculum Coordinator, Princess Hill Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia
  • Lecturer Post Graduate Diploma of Education, The University of Melbourne, Australia
"My 20+ years in education have taught me that building relationships is at the heart of being an effective educator. I am committed to supporting students to identify and pursue their own unique individual passions, talents and pathways. I view my role at ISHCMC as one of enabling students to thrive holistically in our rich and diverse community and to prepare them to better understand and manage the complexities of life in the 21st century."
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Kurtis Peterson

Primary School Principal (EE2-Grade 5)

M.A. - History, Queen’s University
B.Ed., Queen’s University
B.A.- History & English, University of Alberta
Primary-Junior Teacher Certification, Ontario College of Teachers


  • Primary Principal at Beanstalk International Bilingual School in China
  • Head of Primary Kampala International school in Uganda
  • Has led the IB PYP candidacy application process and has implemented the PYP programme
  • Over 10 years of experience as a Primary Principal
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Lianne Kalapaca

Primary School Vice Principal (EE2-Grade 5)

Graduate Diploma of Education K-6, University of Western
B.A., University of Guelph


  • PYP Coordinator, Cebu International School, Philippines (3 years)
  • PYP Coordinator, International School Antananarivo, Madagascar (1 year)
  • Has led the IB PYP candidacy application process through successful school PYP authorization
  • 20+ years of International Education experience
  • 18 years IB experience
  • IB Workshop Leader (14 years)
“I believe that we should appreciate our differences but celebrate our commonalities. We are all different from our cultures and beliefs, talents and learning styles, looks and nationalities and it is the differences that set us apart and makes us unique. However, when we celebrate our commonalities, we are united in our philosophy, goals and efforts and it makes our experiences together richer. It’s all about the kids and making ISHCMC the best school in Vietnam through engaging lessons, collaboration, and responsible sustainable action.”
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Tania Mansfield

IB Upper PYP Coordinator
New Zealander

MBA Marketing (Distance Learning), Leicester University
Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership & Administration, Massey University
B.Sc. - Science & Physical Education, Otago University
Graduate Diploma Programme in Mandarin, Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • PYP Coordinator and Deputy Principal, Western International School of Shanghai, China. (5 years)
  • Deputy Principal of Teaching, Learning and Innovation in Middle East (UAE).
  • IB PYP Practitioner - 15 years.
  • IB Workshop Leader and school visitor and accreditor (5 years)
  • Independent School Consultant - Teaching and Learning.
“I believe that learning takes many subtle forms and happens all the time. Good teachers know what learning looks like and know how to enhance it. When children are empowered and respected, they can achieve great things. As their competencies expand and their understanding of the world becomes more sophisticated, students are equipped with the things they need to become confident and ethical citizens. A powerful education is one that makes this happen.”
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Nancy Snyder

Lower IB PYP Coordinator



Masters of Education (Elementary Reading) Graduated with Distinction, Northern Arizona University

Bachelors of Science (Early Childhood Education), Boston University

Washington DC dual teacher certification in ECE and Reading Specialist


  • Literacy Specialist/Language Coordinator ISHCMC - 5 years.
  • Reading Specialist MEF International School (PYP) - 2 years.

  • Primary/Early Childhood Teacher for over - 20 years

"In my years working in many educational settings, I have observed young students’ learning, agency and engagement as a fundamental ingredient to building life-long learners. Seeing young learners as capable and thinking individuals helps us support the best learning possible. By building relationship based on two-way conversations grounded in respectful interchange and collaborative problem solving, I continue to work successfully with teachers and teaching teams to help create environments and learning engagements that supports quality teaching and learning. Above all else, as educators our job is to work together to meet the needs and work towards serving the best interests of the learners."

Angelina Tee  

Managing Director


Angelina Tee is the Managing Director for Cognita Schools in Vietnam and has worked for Cognita for over 8 years. Prior to taking this position she was the General Counsel for Cognita Asia. Ms Tee’s responsibilities include improving the operational performance of Cognita schools in Vietnam and well as seeking new opportunities for growth for Cognita in Vietnam.


Bachelor of Commerce, Monash University, Australia.

Bachelor of Laws, Monash University, Australia.