Student Happiness and Wellbeing


International School Ho Chi Minh city (ISHCMC) is proud to host mindfulness lessons for its students, teachers and parents through its long-standing mindfulness program. We are the only school to have the daily practice embedded across the entire school for the whole school community.

Initially introduced in 2013, students at ISHCMC practice mindfulness for ten minutes daily.

This class is led either by an advisory teacher or a group of students, ‘masters of mindfulness’. The activities that underpin the mindfulness program vary from meditation to mindful drawing. Classes are also on offer to parents, ranging from weekly mini-meditation workshops to an eight-week mindfulness program which introduces parents to the fundamentals of the practice of mindfulness.

Scientific research has demonstrated that practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. The ability to practice mindfulness is a lifelong skill, and will help our students to develop into positive, balanced individuals. The positive mental health of our students is an utmost priority within the ISHCMC family community, and our mindfulness program helps us to sustain a supportive learning environment.

Clean Air Filtration Systems

Cognita has committed to air filtration systems for all Primary and Secondary ISHCMC students. Currently there are air filtration systems in the classrooms for our Early Explorers (2 to 4 years olds) through to Grade 2 and in the Multi-purpose Room. Air filtration system will be a key feature in the refurbished Primary Campus and the new ISHCMC Secondary Campus so that all students benefit from cleaner air during school hours.

The Positive Education Model

Positive education is model of education that emphasizes the value of traditional skills, but also places a huge importance on student happiness and health. Mindfulness is at the heart of the positive education mission. Here at ISHCMC we regard the wellbeing of our students to be equal in standing with academic teaching: we aim to nurture our students to become well-rounded individuals equipped for life beyond primary and secondary education. Mindfulness has been linked to the improvement of academic standards in students, with research demonstrating that mindfulness actively enhances IQ levels. ISHCMC is currently developing ideas with the Institute for Positive Education to find the most effective tools for measuring the positive benefits that mindfulness has had on the ISHCMC community. ISHCMC hopes to set a positive example to other schools in the local community with its emphasis on the mindfulness program, which supports our students to be empowered, engaged and energized every day.

Healthy Food Choices

A good variety of healthy and delicious food choices are available daily at the ISHCMC Canteen. The school supervises the canteen operations to ensure that quality standards are maintained.


Initiated by the School’s canteen committee, the ISHCMC community has united to join the campaign to energize its students by providing healthy, balanced and nutritious dishes, handcrafted with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Well-known chefs within the food and beverage industry to Vietnam have consulted in developing new school menus. Chefs collaborating on recipes, coaching staff and further developing service procedures.


Breakfast offerings include a healthy breakfast bar with a selection of fruit, yoghurt and cereals. Snacks options include smoothies, natural fruit juices and baked goods made with wholemeal flour, oats and grains. ISHCMC students can choose from a daily option of Asian or Western hot gourmet meals, a themed salad bar, a soup counter serving traditional Asian soups, or a made-to-order sandwich bar. We provide students with a varied daily selection enabling them to make their own good choices.