Education Outside of the Classroom

Students doing kayak on their field trip

Field trips are regarded as an important dimension to learning and all students are expected to participate in planned co-curricular activities.

Not all lessons can, or should, be taught in a classroom. Research shows that in order for children’s brains to fully develop, it is essential that they have multisensory interactions with the real world outside of the classroom. Students need opportunities to step away from their computers and experience nature first-hand. These experiences allow them to be placed safely in situations where they need to think through the consequences of difficult tasks. To climb, walk and connect with the natural environment in a setting which is foreign, and outside their comfort zone, will create the best possible opportunity to develop their mind and body.

Education must be linked with young people developing self-confidence and self-reliance. Time spent learning in nature significantly helps to develop both of these skills. This new found independence leads to better decision making, whether that be outdoors, on the sporting field or in business.

At International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), we understand that our students must be challenged physically and that a much deeper connection is made by doing something than by simply learning about it in class.


In the Primary School students take field trips several times during the school year. The purpose and arrangements for a particular field trip will be determined by the teacher. Parents will be informed at least seven days in advance of a field trip. In some instances parents may be invited to assist as chaperones.


In the Secondary School, field trips may involve staying away overnight in order to conduct extended study for a given assignment. The cost of these trips, including transport and accommodation, is calculated and conveyed to parents in good time before the fieldtrip.

Parental permission is required for all excursions/field trips and parents should note the waiver that is requested on the application for admission form.