Health Center

The health centre team is led by an internationally qualified Health Centre Manager, supported by a on-site Doctor and a team of qualified expat nursing staff. Staff are CPR and first aid trained.

The Health Centre School Term Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 7am to 6pm

Friday 7am - 4.00pm

Saturday -12 noon

The health centre team works closely and collaboratively with students, parents and teaching staff to deliver health care during the school day, and to provide information and education to parents, teachers and students on any health related issue relevant to the ISHCMC community.

The health centre maintains a comprehensive and confidential database of all students and provides individual additional support to families whose children live with allergies and/or other medical conditions.

Students are referred to local recognized medical facilities for treatment of injuries or illnesses that require further medical expertise/care.

The Health Centre can be contacted on +84 (8) 3 898 9100 ext. 105 or by sending an email to



ISHCMC Health Information
ISHCMC Allergy Action Plan
ISHCMC Asthma Action Plan
ISHCMC Lost Immunisastion Records
ISHCMC Medical Form


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