67 Stingrays Compete in Swim Meet in Hanoi! Go Stingrays

Stingrays participated in the UNIS Swim Invitational over the past weekend in Hanoi! Our team showed an outstanding level of performance, obtaining first and advanced positions, and won many and many medals. Our swimmers showed enthusiasm, challenge and heroic performance and improved their results. Special shoutouts to our Stingrays, some of them improved their results by more than 8 seconds.

Congratulations to the champions of the team for winning the first places

Minh Tri – 2nd place | 8 & Under Boys

Lucy – 1st place | 9-10 Girls

Francesca – 2nd place | 9-10 Girls

Kai – 3rd place | 9-10 Boys

Seoyoon – 1st place | 11-12 Boys

Enna – 1st place | 13-14 Girls

NamYoon – 1st place | 13-14 Boys

Joel – 3rd place | 13-14 Boys

Kennedy – 1st place | 15 & Over Girls

Thank you to ISHCMC community and parents for support and a special thanks to all the swimmers

Aquatics Team