One Community, Two Campuses

Expanding learning opportunities

The academic year of 2017/18 welcomed the introduction of the brand new state-of-the-art ISHCMC Secondary Campus located less than 5 kilometers away from the ISHCMC Primary Campus. Both ISHCMC campuses are located in District 2.

Our Secondary Campus was carefully designed to provide a safe and secure 21st century learning environment for 11-18 year olds, complete with the latest security and clean air systems.

The new facility allows students of both primary and secondary age to flourish on campuses that suit their respective educational needs. This will allow refurbishment and redevelopment of the existing campus as it is converted into a primary school facility that enables our younger students to fully benefit from an inquiry based academic program.

ISHCMC Primary Campus

The Primary Campus boasts facilities such as modern learning and collaboration areas, an indoor gymnasium, a large multi-purpose room, a 25m - 6 lanes swimming pool, a large outdoor pitch with an artificial grass playing surface and numerous covered and uncovered hard surface play and sports areas. There are also science labs, a mac lab, a makerspace, performing arts studios, a library media center, information technology labs, music rooms, art rooms, a canteen, a health clinic, an adventure playground, and a newly added early childhood center. These facilities help our students to become well-rounded, balanced individuals with a passion for learning in all its diverse forms.

Take a tour around ISHCMC Primary Campus!

ISHCMC Secondary Campus

This campus offers great opportunities for student learning through technologically advanced classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and senior student study areas. Unique facilities such as Vietnam’s first Innovation Center aim to prepare our students for the realities of the commercial world in the 21st century. Full scale musical productions are hosted in our brand new 350-seat theater with professional lighting and sound equipment, extending opportunities into the technical aspects of theatre productions. In line with our goal of producing well-balanced and healthy students, our new facility provides ISHCMC Secondary-aged students with a wide range of facilities to support their wellbeing. Sports facilities include multi-purpose courts, rooftop sports field and 25m - eight-lane competitive swimming pool with seating.

Take a tour around ISHCMC Secondary Campus

View the Minecraft Virtual Design of the new Secondary Campus, developed by three Grade 11 students.
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