Our Teachers at ISHCMC

one of the teachers at ISHCMC with two students doing a chemistry experiment with beakers

We are committed to providing highly qualified, experienced, globally minded and truly international teachers at ISHCMC.  Our teachers are passionate about their profession and enjoy working in multi-national classroom environments.

We are aware that one of the most important people in your child’s life is their teacher. Our teachers foster and support each student to reach their maximum potential and are committed to constructing a Culture of Achievement in an environment where students are energized, engaged and empowered to become active participants in their communities.

Our teachers promote the development of attitudes and values within a curriculum and teaching environment that supports independent learning, confidence and global understanding.

Professional Development of our teachers is an on-going priority to ISHCMC to further enhance their teaching skills. Annually, the school provides experts from overseas to work with our teachers throughout the school year and provides teachers with an individual Professional Development budget to further their knowledge and experience.

For recruited teachers, the professional standards and expectations of ISHCMC as well as our accreditation agencies are high and all teachers are recruited through high profile international teacher recruitment agencies to ensure the validity of their qualifications, expertise and experience.

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Primary Educators
Secondary Educators