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Early Years

"ISHCMC has the perfect community for him. I know in morning, I can drop him off and he will be happy playing his way. That's what makes me happy."

- Tom's mother, Early Years parent -

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Primary Years

"We can go to any teacher and go in any classroom, the halls are also classrooms. We are learning this way because it's getting us ready for the future."

- Kee, IB PYP student -

Middle Years

"I feel like I belong at ISHCMC because it's a really nice community, it's really open and it's really welcoming. There's a lot people from different cultures."

- Anne, IB MYP student -

Diploma Years

"ISHCMC has everything you would want from a school. It has amazing teachers, the way they teach and amazing facilities. The quality of education is everything you want."

- Naman, IB DP student -