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“Ho Chi Minh city has been my home for the last 5 years and I love living in this vibrant city and working in such an exciting school. The school has a strong mission and vision and comes with an admin team who value their staff. Thinking of new ideas and thinking of ways to improve your practice are encouraged and celebrated here. The staff, parents and students are so friendly and welcoming and because of the layout of the campus you get to know everyone pretty quickly!" Cathy Brown, Grade 2 Teacher at ISHCMC.

“There is no other school like ISHCMC at the moment” The things that we have done together as a school make me proud, the ISHCMC community is special and will continue to develop. Over the past 25 years, there have been certain schools that have produced the current pedagogical leaders who are now spread all over the world, I believe ISHCMC has now joined the ranks of those schools and that we will be seeing ISHCMC teachers as leaders at conferences, recruitment fairs, IB workshops and so for many years to come. At ISHCMC we have been paving the way for other schools and educators to follow and be inspired by, and will continue to do so. We have a strong IB program and are not just a school that is doing only what it needs to do, but we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done. Sam Sherratt, PYP Coordinator At ISHCMC.

“Working at ISHCMC has been a career defining experience. HCMC and Vietnam will always be a second home to me. Working in a global community at ISHCMC for the past 6 years has enhanced my perspective of the world for the better. I have enjoyed engaging in critical thought and discussion with my students and have always been impressed with their desire to engage with creative learning approaches.” Matthew Wright, Leader of Learning Individuals & Societies

“ISHCMC is a diverse community with many empowering events for both students, parents and teachers. Settling into ISHCMC 2 years ago was an easy transition due to the support from the welcoming ISHCMC community. Working here, I have especially enjoyed engaging with my DP students building on student-led lessons. Playing on the ISHCMC netball team was enjoyable and helped build closer relationship with my colleagues.” Jaemin Chung, Secondary Korean Teacher

"ISHCMC has been an amazing experience, and I am grateful I had the chance to be part of ISHCMC and beautiful Saigon. I hope to return one day. Throughout my 4 years at ISHCMC, I learned the value of belonging to a warm and welcoming community. I have enjoyed connecting with the wider community, teachers, parents and students. The ISHCMC community is special and starts at day one by being provided accommodation in walking distance from school. The school plans a number of social events throughout the year allowing newbies to connect with existing staff. It has been very valuable for me to focus on students and learning whilst given the opportunity to flourish in a positive and caring environment. During my time at ISHCMC, it has been evident to see how mindfulness experiences shaped our daily practices and were including in our events as well as outdoor learning trips.” Nora Hamzeh, Primary Counselor

"Working at ISHCMC and living in Vietnam has been a real privilege for me. I moved here three and a half years ago with my wife. Since then, I have worked hard, vastly improved professionally, felt strongly attached to this tight-knit community and even had our first child here. I love being part of such a welcoming and supportive community at ISHCMC and I really appreciate the high standards they maintain. Working here challenges me every day and has been excellent in helping me improve my teaching. ISHCMC offers a great range of extra-curricular activities for students, parents and staff, and living in such a vibrant city as HCMC means there is always something going on and something to do. Living near the school means we get the small village feel of Thao Dien, while still having all the amenities and excitement of a large, metropolitan city within 10 minutes. I'd definitely recommend ISHCMC - people care about each other and enjoy getting to work everyday.” Robert McConnon, Leader of Secondary Science Teacher