Student Voices

Anh, Grade 2

From Vietnam

"My favorite thing about being a ISHCMC student is the teachers who teach us. We have good teachers, I like Ms. Tania very much and we learn a lot of new things. At ISHCMC people use kind words when they speak to one another. After school I have art as an ASA."

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Robert, Grade 6

From US
"I enjoy the wide variety of subjects ISHCMC has to offer. I did all of the PYP at ISHCMC and now I moved on to the MYP. I find that my teachers are very dedicated and supportive in my learning. It is obvious to me that they have teaching at heart. The people make ISHCMC the school it is, my friends are here and the teachers turn what seems to be complicated problem solving into fun and easy learning. Tournament of Minds keeps me busy, it is a great program helping me collaborate with other students. Working in a team helps me work well with others; and together we get more ideas."

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Romy, Grade 5

From United Kingdom
"The IB Programme has taught me to be caring. I have been at ISHCMC for 7 years and have really come to appreciate the ISHCMC atmosphere, the teachers, our classes and not least the amazing friendships I have made. Our teachers are mastering making learning fun. The after school program at ISHCMC allows me to do all sort of things like sports, drama and dance. Once I return to England, I hope to continue my studies in a really good public school with a program as close to the IB programme as possible."

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Johanne, KG

From Denmark
"I am a good inquirer and like that we play a lot to learn. My teachers are nice, sweet and kind. My favorite thing at school is when I am learning to read, because I really want to learn to read. I also enjoy coloring and playing with my friends. Another good thing is when we look at things on the big screen (interactive whiteboard). To day Sarah our friend who we said goodbye to a very long time ago send us a video, we saw it on the big screen. We will make a video and send to her as well. I miss her. After school I do gymnastics and flower arrangements."

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Josephine, Grade 7

From Denmark

"I find that friendship evolve around team sports and other activities. This is my 8th year at ISHCMC, I started in KG The IB Programme really helps us because we get more involved in our work and class. We learn new and different ways to solve problems. Our teachers are supportive, we can reach out to them if we need help or advice. I balance my day by participating in football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and track and field (I used to do swimming as well) and knitting (for CAS)."

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Joshua, Grade KG

From US
"The Teachers at ISHCMC are all very kind. The best part about school is that I can play, especially with my friends. I like Ms. Phuong, because she always comes to the rescue. I like Ms. Taura because she is so kind, I like Ms. Laura because I like P.E and sports. and I like Ms. Sophie because I like going to the library. I am getting very confident and learned to speak to Mr. Peterson (Primary Principal), we chat and I am getting to know him well. At school I also learn to write and to draw. When I grow up I want to be the person that makes light sabers. I am going to add laser to it."

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Haein, Grade 10

From Korea
"At ISHCMC every student is encouraged to achieve their best. I love the people at ISHCMC. I feel that I am supported by the entire teaching staff. I enjoy the many different nationalities, it is the best part of attending an international school. I believe that iB programme is very special and a unique way of learning. Before I came to ISHCMC, I used to go to a local Korean school, which is a totally different education system. The IB programme provides the opportunity to learn in different ways. Also it encourages students to have various points of view. ISHCMC offers many opportunities to become involved in the ISHCMC community. Currently, (3 Jan 2017) I am participating in SRC, two CAS groups, three MUN preparation teams, one sports team and one extracurricular group creating math competition problems. In fact, it is not easy to manage my schedule, however these activities make valuable experience: making friends from other grades, sharing knowledge with others and learning new things which I cannot learn during class. Some activities are helpful to relieve stress, like the sports team. I believe that the biggest advantage of ISHCMC's teachers is the fact that they are more supportive than other schools' teachers. ISHCMC's students always have an open communication with teachers and can email to ask questions or for support. This is why I feel that I am supported and safe at school."

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Teodor, Grade 4

From Norway

"The environment and community at ISHCMC is very special. The IB program helps me learn a lot of things at school. I also play soccer and Taekwondo. Soccer is my favourite activity that keeps me active, and I do Taekwondo because I like it and want to learn how to do it. ISHCMC is different from other schools because we get to use our iPads and the teachers trust that we are doing what we have been told. I feel inspired when I see other students do something cool."

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Teun, Grade EE

From Netherlands
"At ISHCMC it is fun to learn. My favorite thing about ISHCMC is that there is a lot of fruit and a lot of toys. My friends are here and we have music, art and P.E. We can relax at school with no moms. Our teachers have different hair and help me clean up. I like when we are having "share time."

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