Community Voices

“We've traveled to many international schools making promotional content and we've never encountered a school like ISHCMC, filled with such articulate and purpose-driven students. Capturing vibrant classes was effortless, the school is bursting with energy and passion.”Celine Held & Logan George, ELO films

“We had the pleasure of taking this year’s school photos at ISHCMC. We were made to feel very welcome by staff and pupils alike and we were very impressed by how much ISHCMC’s staff care about the personal as well as academic wellbeing of their pupils. We work with a lot of schools all over the world and I can confidently say that ISHCMC stands out as one of the best to work with.” Adam Berry, Pret-a-Portrait

"The staff of ISHCMC are some of the most professional people I have worked with during my 15 years of working as a photographer. Their dedication to the well-being and education of their students is what stands out." Vinh Dao, Blind Eye Productions

“We really enjoyed spending one whole week in ISHCMC, living the daily every day workings of the school. What really stood out for us were the opportunities that lSHCMC provides its faculty and students and community to LEARN. Learning happens nonstop and in the most unlikely places. Students learning from teachers, teachers learning from students, parents learning from students, teachers learning from each other. The learning environment is inviting and welcoming for all kinds of learners; from the kinesthetic learner to the intrapersonal learner. Everyone at ISHCMC is valued and given consideration.” Julia Kozak, Elementary Director and Roula Haj-Ismail, PYP Coordinator at International College, Beirut

“I work with many schools every year, and the best ones, across all sorts of contexts, have some very consistent features: a very collaborative teaching staff who continue to learn themselves, an atmosphere that supports rather than judges, and leaders who look after their staff and still love teaching, rather than being mere managers. ISHCMC has all of these and the resources to make the most of that culture, and it’s infectious. One of the most inspiring weeks of my professional life.”Jason Buckley, The Philosophy Man