Rila Khaliya Valenzuela

Rila Khaliya Valenzuela
Joined ISHCMC in Grade 4

A caring and compassionate learner who is anchored by empathy towards the world around her, Khaliya’s PYP Project addresses the matter of plastic pollution. This action came from Khaliya’s awareness of people’s behaviors, “I noticed most people don’t care about their use of plastic or plastic waste in general. I hope my project makes people more thoughtful of the damage plastic can have on our environment.” Khaliya’s commitment to environmental issues grew from the Studio model allowing her to research interests that engaged her in learning. “The freedom lets me organize my time better to complete my assignments. I am a better learner because of it.”

Reflecting on her experience of online learning during school closures due to COVID-19, Khaliya says, “It was a different way of learning. At first, it was hard to adjust to but I realized I can learn on my own.” Khaliya shares that her communication skills were important to connect with her friends and teachers. Overall, Khaliya feels online learning was enjoyable but much prefers learning in school.

Khaliya is looking forward to joining Secondary school and starting the Middle Years Programme. With two older brothers already attending Secondary, Khaliya is confident her transition to Grade 6 will go well.