Pepper Claire Hutchinson

Pepper Claire Hutchinson
Joined ISHCMC in Early Explores 4

As Pepper reflects on her time at ISHCMC so far, she has so many memories to share. An ISHCMC Rhino since the age of 4 years old, Pepper has experienced all that Primary school has to offer. You will likely find Pepper on the soccer field, basketball court or in swimming pool. In Pepper’s own words, “Playing sports is a good way to be social”. There are many other benefits as well which Pepper recognizes such as being balanced in life and staying healthy.

Known for her confidence and caring nature by teachers and friends, Pepper remained connected during the period of COVID-19 online learning. “I missed seeing my friends every day in school so speaking to them online was important to me.” Pepper shares that we shouldn’t be stressed and feel brave about the future. She is reassured that ISHCMC provides support either emotionally and socially or academically if it is needed.

Pepper is looking forward to August 2020. Having visited the Secondary campus many times before, Pepper describes it as “…the beautiful Secondary campus.”