Lieve Jansen

Lieve Jansen
Joined ISHCMC in Studio 5

Compared to Lieve’s previous school in Dubai, she remembers her first impressions of ISHCMC Primary campus as, “It is so much bigger than my previous school. There was so much more I could do here. I learnt lots of new things this year.” Lieve had already been forewarned by her parents ISHCMC was different, not only in size but also in the progressive pedagogical approach. Lieve explains, “My old school had desks and chairs. But in ISHCMC, I can learn where I am comfortable.” When asked to share more about what that means for her, Lieve continues, “It depends on how I am feeling and what I am learning. Sometimes I work on a sofa with friends and other times I work at the table.” Allowing students this choice empowers them to lead their learning, which as a result increases their engagement.

Lieve’s advice to Studio 4 students is to enjoy Studio 5, “You will be the oldest in the school for a year.”