Joonhee Kim

Joonhee Kim
Joined ISHCMC in Grade 2

When speaking with Joonhee, it is easy to recognize his strong set of soft skills that supported learning during school closures. Joonhee explains learning at home meant he needed to be self-disciplined, “It was important for me to organize my time and structure my day to complete assignments.” This is something Joonhee is very familiar with having been a learner in the Studio environment for grade levels 4 and 5. Collaboration and connection are also core components of the Studio make-up. Joonhee shares “I missed the face-to-face connection with my teacher and friends. We did see each other online every day, but it wasn’t the same.”

There are many positive stories Joonhee has heard from friends about the ISHCMC Secondary campus. The most exciting one for him being the rooftop soccer field and indoor basketball gymnasium. It was during Primary school that Jonhee discovered his passion for sports, which led him to play on the competitive teams. Though Joonhee recognizes he will be the youngest, he is still determined to play competitively at Secondary.