Hugo Piorkowski

Hugo Piorkowski
IE University

Since joining at the Middle Years Programme from an International Baccalaureate school in Dubai, Hugo believes ISHCMC has offered more opportunities and more choices that better suit his personal interests. Hugo also remembers how much smaller the community is in Ho Chi Minh City and of his anxiety of fitting in. However, Hugo soon realized that the community and ISHCMC were open-minded and accepting to all newcomers, no matter their background.

After successfully completing the Middles Years Programme in Grade 10, Hugo looked towards an ISHCMC alumni graduate, his sister, for advice to select subjects for his Diploma Programme. Hugo remembers, “The way ISHCMC has structured the MYP had allowed me to experience a lot of different subjects before starting the Diploma Programme. I liked that the Humanities subjects and Personal Project at MYP prepared me to study the diploma”. Hugo selected Business Management and Geography at Higher Level as these supported both his interests and career plan. These subjects were also the foundations of his Extended Essay: What effect is Global Climate Change having on the Economy in Chambéry?

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) has been one of the most rewarding components of both the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme for Hugo. In the past two years, Hugo was a leader of a group of 15 students that delivered a range of initiatives to raise funds for the Blue Dragon charity. As an organization that supports trafficked women and children in Northern Vietnam, Hugo helped in donating over 100 million Vietnam Dong to Blue Dragon. During a visit to ISHCMC, representatives from the charity shared how 6 women’s lives were saved as a direct result from the CAS group Hugo founded.

In a similar approach to selecting his diploma subjects, Hugo turned to more ISHCMC alumni to research university options. In wanting a highly ranked business school at university, Hugo will attend IE University in Spain and undertake a degree in Business Administration with the vision of working with luxury brands and the hotel industry in the future.