Edgar Adenot

Edgar Adenot
University of the Arts London

Since arriving in Grade 10, Edgar has always remembered being welcomed by the ISHCMC community. "Everyone was so open and interested in getting to know you as a person" Edgar recalls. This allowed Edgar to transition well from Stamford American International School in Singapore to his new home in Ho Chi Minh City. Though, living overseas is nothing new to Edgar who has also lived in China and Taiwan after leaving his native France.

When completing the Middle Years Programme, Edgar was unsure as to what subjects to select for the Diploma. From the experiences and opportunities within the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program during Grade 10, Edgar was inspired by the Arts. This developed into a passion for creativity and design: Edgar knew his Diploma Programme needed to include these elements. Edgar strongly believes that being able to study Film and Design Technology at Higher Level has made his IB DP experience enjoyable and emotionally fulfilling. Edgar recognizes by having a large range of subject choices to choose from at IB Diploma level has allowed him to be successful in what is regarded as the most challenging university preparation programs.

Considered to be balanced both socially and academically by his teachers and peers, Edgar learnt the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which has allowed him to be successful in the diploma. Edgar's continued development of communication, leadership and organizational skills throughout the Diploma Programme has placed him as a role model for younger learners. This was demonstrated when Edgar took a leading role in producing the Across Asia Youth Film Festival 2019 in Vietnam. With over eight months of planning, from design concept through to delivering the event, Edgar was a driving force in ensuring film fans from throughout the Asia region celebrated young filmmakers.

Edgar looks forward to attending the University of Arts London and studying a foundation course in Art and Design.