Truong Dinh Anh

Truong Dinh Anh (Bibi)
Highest IB Score: 45 Points
Brown University

As a Vietnamese national and having studied at ISHCMC since two years old, Bibi has grown up in a multicultural environment. Though Bibi is forthcoming in sharing his experience of conflicts between his family’s culture and his own personal identity, “ISHCMC has always provided a safe place where I can discover myself. ISHCMC has supported me in balancing the complexities of my heritage, who I am as a person and how I fit into the community.”

Viewed as a positive change-maker by teachers, Bibi developed the United Nations Sustainable Development program as a CAS project that aims to instil a Service-Learning culture within young adults. By consulting with industry expert Cathryn Berger Kaye, Bibi created the vision of the program to offer authentic learning experiences and organized a Service seminar event to generate interest and accept students into the project.

When considering his future career path, Bibi was tempted to take a double Science option for his diploma, though Bibi knew he needed a balance and an outlet of personal expression. He decided to pursue Physics and Music at Higher Level, of which the latter class only had three students. This, Bibi believes show’s ISHCMC’s commitment to accommodating each student’s personal pathway.

It was always an expectation that Bibi would graduate high school and attend a college in the United States of America. However, upon visiting relatives in America and several schools, Bibi decided that he would prefer to explore university options in Canada. “The student culture, welcoming and warmth of some of the universities in Canada reminded me a lot of ISHCMC.”

Bibi has been accepted a place at Brown University to study Computer Science.