Middle School Growth

ISHCMC Map Fall 2016


The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is a computerized adaptive test which helps teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students and make informed decisions to promote a child’s academic growth. MAP testing takes place twice a year at ISHCMC for all students from Grade 3-10 and measures student growth in reading and mathematics. MAP test results allow us to individualize our student learning plans and to track their academic progress within the school year. ISHCMC’s average scores are consistently higher at every grade level than the average scores at U.S. schools and other international schools worldwide.




Over the past 5 years, MAP scores in Reading have shown a steady increase in proficiency with over 83% of ISHCMC students At/Above reading proficiency levels.


Based on the most recent MAP tests results in Reading, ISHCMC students have shown a strong increase in growth when compared to the previous year. We also see a positive trend in reading proficiency being at or above last year's scores.


Fall 2016 Math results when compared to the year before, show an increase in student growth by over 16%.

Language Useage

In Fall 2016 we see an increase in Student Growth when compared to 2015. We also see an increase in Proficiency, with almost 86% of ISHCMC students at or above proficiency.