Our Senior Leadership Team

At International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), we have a dedicated and professional faculty of teachers and administrators, gathered from all corners of the world, whose role is to help students become the best they can be in all aspects of their lives.

Adrian Watts

Adrian Watts

Head of School

B.A. Economics, History and Sociology, Durham University
P.G.C.E., Loughborough University
M.A. Educational Management, Bath University (in progress)
COETAILS Masters, SUNY University (in progress)


  • Deputy Head and Director of Academic studies at New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok
  • 30 years IB experience.
  • Head of Secondary School and Deputy Director at International College of Spain in Madrid

“Having lived and worked internationally for over thirty years my philosophy of education has been strongly influenced by the different schools I have been fortunate to work in. I have learned that it is important for students to be educated and prepared for the challenges of the global society of the twenty-first century through a balanced approach that encompasses both academics and social and emotional student growth. Our fast changing world demands that students are critical thinkers and able to communicate, connect and collaborate effectively with others. Schools need to be producing students who are resilient and creative innovators who will become the entrepreneurs and employers for a sustainable world.”

Suzanne Murray

Suzanne Murray

Deputy Head of School

B.Ed (Hons) Home Economics specialism in Food Technology, Leeds Polytechnic National Professional Qualification Headship from National College for School


  • Pre School Care Certificate, Dublin College of Catering
  • National and International Education and Leadership Consultant - Specialist in Safeguarding, Child Protection and Inclusion
  • Associate Vice Principal at the Crest Academy – London - UK
  • Senior Deputy Headteacher at Carlton Bolling College – Bradford – UK
  • Assistant Headteacher – Challenge College Bradford – UK
“26 years of secondary and pre school education provision I am very excited to be joining ISHCMC and am looking forward to the opportunity and challenges that the school and I will undertake together. With 24 years of State Secondary school education experience and 1 year as an Education and Leadership Consultant, I feel that my experience and my passion for education will benefit the students, staff and parents of ISHCMC. My philosophy is simple; to deliver and reflect on high quality teaching and innovative learning, to allow for the pursuit of excellence by embracing creatively and developing a lifelong love of learning. I am committed to equality whilst embracing individuality and celebrating difference. I believe passionately that student success is a goal worth pursuing. It is also vital that as educators, we review our practices and reflect on our responsibilities and our accountability. For me, students are central to our core purpose and should feel safe, happy and achieve their potential.”
Phil Rogers

Phil Rogers

Secondary School Principal (Grades 6-12)

Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Canberra
Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of New South Wales


  • HS Dean of Academics & IBDP Coordinator - International School Bangkok
  • Head of Secondary & IBDP Coordinator - Kampala International School Uganda
  • Director of Teaching & Learning & inaugural IBDP Coordinator - New Cairo British International School
  • Deputy Headmaster - Blackheath & Thornburgh College
  • Director of Studies - UWC Southern Africa
Over almost 20 years in education it has become critically evident that each and every student needs to grow and be challenged to reach their own potential. The complexities of the current global context means that these young hearts and minds need to develop skills and concepts that will enable them to cope with the constant of change and to develop into our future leaders. Now it is more important than ever to develop emotional intelligence where resilience and intrinsic motivation enable creativity and critical thinking to develop whilst simultaneously ensuring that communication and collaboration are everyday events. Ultimately education is about preparing a young person to be happy, safe and have the ability to define success and their accomplishments through managing the wide range of challenges that they will face at school and in life beyond.”
Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran

Secondary School Vice-Principal (Grades 6-12)

B.A. History, Humboldt State University
M.Ed., Teaching, College of New Jersey
Post Masters in Educational Leadership and and Principal Certificate, College of New Jersey


  • Site Administrator at the College of New Jersey in Bangkok
  • High School Testing Coordinator and WASC Coordinator at Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok
  • 20 years experience in Education
“One of my main beliefs about education is that it is very important that students understand the relevancy of what they’re learning and how it applies to their life. It’s all about the kids! With that in my mind, I believe it is imperative that students see the value of what they are learning. I feel that students learn through social experiences and teachers should challenge their classes through inquiry. Students should also have the opportunity to develop skills that focus on 21st Century Learning. These learning activities should be student centered, and should relate to real life experiences and the cultural backgrounds of the school community. Schools should foster a caring learning environment and teachers should utilize methods that will address a variety of learning styles and abilities so that all students have the opportunity to be successful.”
Martin Grist

Martin Grist

IB MYP Coordinator

B.A. (Hons) Languages, London Guildhall University
P.G.C.E., York University
M.Ed., University of Bath (in progress)


  • MYP Coordinator at Sotogrande International School in Spain.
  • Personal Project Coordinator, English teacher - MYP Language A and Language B, Diploma Language A
  • Over 10 years IB experience
“Today’s curriculum must allow for teaching and learning to take place within a context if it is to be meaningful and memorable. To be truly successful within such a curriculum, students need to learn skills such as research and reflection, creativity and communication. Crucially, a well-developed curriculum must provide the opportunities for critical thinking, creative thinking, reflective thinking and problem solving. The MYP fosters and encourages the development of these skills, and I am excited to see how the students at ISHCMC put these into action.”
Janelle Codrington

Janelle Codrington

IB DP Coordinator


B.A. History literature, Queensland University, Australia
Grad Dip Education, Queensland University, Australia
Grad Dip Teacher Librarian, Queensland University of Technology, Australian


  • 20 years’ teaching and administration experience in education
  • Previous Head of Department Secondary Schooling, St George SHS Australia
  • Queensland Moderation Panellist Senior English
“I began my teaching career 20 years ago with the same philosophy that I still hold today; every child counts, regardless of cultural heritage, regardless of socio economic background and regardless of ability. Every child deserves a quality education and every child deserves to have teachers who genuinely care for the whole child. As educators we encourage in our students the qualities of communication, creativity, empathy, inquiry, critical thinking and engagement and, importantly, visions for the future.”
Kurtis Peterson

Kurtis Peterson

Primary School Principal (EE2-Grade 5)

B.Ed., Queen’s University
B.A. History and English, University of Alberta
Primary-Junior Teacher Certification, Ontario College of Teachers
M.A. History, Queen’s University


  • Primary Principal at Beanstalk International Bilingual School in China
  • Head of Primary Kampala International school in Uganda
  • Has led the IB PYP candidacy application process and has implemented the PYP programme
  • Over 10 years of experience as a Primary Principal
“I believe that students, staff and parents have an obligation to make the school’s learning environment a stimulating one where collaboration and empathy are nurtured, risks will be taken, an inquisitive mind will be developed and learning will be fun. It is known that all students learn differently and all lessons, units and programmes must be differentiated to meet the needs of everyone.”
Lianne Kalapaca

Lianne Kalapaca

Primary School Vice Principal


Graduate Diploma of Education K-6, University of Western Sydney-Nepean, Australia
Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph


  • IB Workshop Leader
  • 14 years IB experience
“I believe that we should appreciate our differences but celebrate our commonalities. We are all different from our cultures and beliefs, talents and learning styles, looks and nationalities and it is the differences that set us apart and makes us unique. However, when we celebrate our commonalities, we are united in our philosophy, goals and efforts and it makes our experiences together richer. It’s all about the kids and making ISHCMC the best school in Vietnam through engaging lessons, collaboration, and responsible sustainable action.”
Sam Sherratt

Sam Sherratt

IB PYP Coordinator

B.Sc. (Econ) in International Relations, University of Wales
P.G.C.E., Graduate Teacher Programme, Center for British Teachers
Postgraduate Diploma in Law, University of East Anglia


  • NIST International School Bangkok, Thailand
  • IB Workshop Leader
  • 9 years IB experience
“I believe that learning takes many subtle forms and happens all the time. Good teachers know what learning looks like and know how to enhance it. When children are empowered and respected, they can achieve great things. As their competencies expand and their understanding of the world becomes more sophisticated, students are equipped with the things they need to become confident and ethical citizens. A powerful education is one that makes this happen.”
Matthew Gollins

Matthew Gollins

Athletic and Activities Director
New Zealander

M. Ed. (Educational Leadership), Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
B. Ed. University of Otago, New Zealand
Diploma of Teaching, Specialised in Physical Education and Outdoor Education, Dunedin College of Education, New Zealand


• 18 years teaching experience, (4 years MYP and PYP teaching)
• Principal, Primary School, New Zealand
• Deputy Principal, Western Australia

“I believe that students learn in by constructing meaning and understanding by building on previous knowledge with rich experiential activities. School is in partnership with parents to develop a child that will be an active and influential member of society. Athletics and activities are no different; students need to build their skills from previously learnt experiences. My goal is to help give students opportunities to experience activities that they may not have had or have access to in the classroom.”


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