Available Positions

Administrative Openings

Clinic Manager (English native speaker or English proficiency)

Primary Openings

There are no anticipated openings in Primary School.

Secondary School Openings

There are no anticipated openings in Secondary School.

Substitute/Supply Teacher Openings

We maintain a list of experienced, qualified teachers for substitute and replacement teaching in both Primary and Secondary Schools. 

The successful candidate should have:

  • A Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, or equivalent;
  • A valid teaching certificate (or equivalent);
  • Recent successful teaching experience at IB international schools.

NB: At the moment we are looking for substitute (short-term 4-6 month) Chemistry teacher with IB teaching experience.

We are also looking for Admissions Testing person who is responsible for supervising and marking the MAC 2 English Assessments for Secondary students and the MAP online academic assessments of students applying to ISHCMC & ISHCMC - American Academy. (The prefered candidiate would have teaching experience or has a TEFOL or CELTA. The candidates will be trained with the MAC2 & MAP assessments).