Student Voices

Junsei, Grade 5 Student

"Units of Inquiry at ISHCMC allow me to build on my knowledge of the world that we live in.

I really enjoy the Units of Inquiry at ISHCMC as these allow me to learn about the world that we live in.

My teacher is very good at making the topics interesting to us all and is also funny too. I also enjoy taking part in the sports activities at ISHCMC. Through this I am also building on my communication skills."

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Emily, Grade 10 Student

"One of the best things at ISHCMC is the way that we are encouraged to think for ourselves and discover alternative solutions to problems instead of just memorizing information.

ISHCMC allows me to further my understanding of knowledge as well as problem-solve alternative solutions. Teachers at ISHCMC encourage us all to work to our maximum potential.

I participate in a range of sports and activities, basketball, ISHCMC Stingrays, Saigon Swim Aquatics Service Group and SGN Executives which allows me to balance my academic life.

I am inspired when I'm asked to explore beyond the simple answer to discover why everything is the way it is."

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